Who We Are

Founded in 1901, California Drop Forge is one of the oldest drop forge facilities in the western United States. The company opened their business in north Los Angeles, and over a century later California Drop Forge is in the same location producing closed die forgings for customers around the world.

California Drop Forge was originally a producer of oil tool forgings. Shortly after its founding, California Drop Forge began producing closed die forgings and machined components for the aerospace and medical industries. With a focus on producing top quality parts and keeping abroad of industry changes, California Drop Forge quickly became a leader in producing closed die forgings from a wide range of metals.

California Drop Forge, Inc., a subsidiary of HBD Industries, is a key producer of closed-die forgings for aircraft structural and landing gear components, jet engines, and land-based turbines. Today, California Drop Forge, Inc. occupies 72,000 square feet of manufacturing space, complete with a die shop, layout inspection, non-destructive testing and machining capabilities. Our Los Angeles, California facility is optimally located to facilitate shipments to all parts of the world.